Hey guys! Starting today, I am implementing these guidelines on the DOT Warriors Pair (DWP) Wikia page for a healthier and better D.W.P. Wiki.

Here are the Guide Lines:

No Flaming or Badgering
Writing hostile or insulting messages
aimed at other users for their views,
comments, status as a user on the page,
or any other reason. You can disagree
with someone's views and still be polite
about it.
Posting controversial (sometimes off-topic)
messages with the intent of baiting other
users to reply
Insulting Players or Admins
Refrain from cursing or giving dismissive
and offensive comments towards another
player or a site administrator.
Aggressive Behavior or Harassment
Stay away from using offensive language
to degrade and/or offend other players or
site administrator. Do not use remarks that
are offensive to a person of a specific
gender, race, religion or creed. Please
respect each opinion and keep a constructive
As we all want a decent community, do not use
slanderous, inflammatory language in
conversation. Please be sensitive to others’
feelings and avoid swearing.
Avoid posting the identical message multiple
times within a period of time and posting
unrelated messages on current discussions in
our forum or blog section.

As much as we want to accommodate your
inquiries on DOT Warriors Pair page, we also
need to consider other concerns and feedback
that are posted on our forum and comments on
our thread. Therefore, we would like to inform
you that we will automatically hide all posts
that are not related to the game or such as
promoting other product.
Inappropriate Advertisement
Do not post any kind of promotions or promote
contents that are not related to DOT Warriors

Any content that is considered objectionable
by the Admins will be removed on the DOT Warriors
Pair Wikia Page.
1st offense: Post or comment will be hidden.

2nd offense: Account will be temporarily
suspended from the DOT Warriors Pair Wikia page
for 1 day.

3rd offense: Account will be temporarily
suspended from the DOT Warriors Pair Wikia page
for 3 days,

4th offence: Account will be blocked and a
formal complaint will be submitted to Wikia administrator.